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How long does it take to complete a voice over/commercial?


         In most cases voices overs and commercials are completed within 3 hours of submission. Depending on the amount of production that is required for the commercial, it could be as fast as 20 minutes. However, in no case will it take longer than 24 hours. 

Do you work for on air barter?


      Absolutely. If you are a radio station and are looking for some production work or help with imaging, we are happy to assist for some air time on your air waves. We can also split cash and barter to make an arrangement that is ideal for you and your company. 

How big is your music library? Sound effects?


      Currently we have over 825,000 songs and our library is growing daily. We are constantly looking for the best new music, and always up to date on the Billboard Charts.  We also have access to over 100,000 different sound effects.




Do you rent sound systems?


      On a case by case basis, yes we do. We prefer to send a Dj with to ensure that everything works correctly, however we are willing to drop off and pick up a sound system (Denver Metro Area). Unfortunately, we cannot have you pick the system up, our insurance only covers us. If you rent a sound system from us, you must provide your own music. If you hire a Dj with the sound system, music is included.


Do you accept credit cards?


      Yes. We accept all major credit cards, however there is a 3.5% fee that is added to the total cost of service to cover the credit surcharge. We also accept Paypal, check and cash. 


Frequently Asked Questions


If you do not find the answer you are looking for below, then please contact us. 

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