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Joe Massa

Owner/Voice Over Artist

With over 10 years of radio experience, Joe has been a Promotions Director, Music

Director, Assistant Program Director and Sound Engineer ​in Top 20 Markets. He has a

wide musical background and enjoys Djing​ for a live crowd. Joe has hosted over 1,800

live shows and multiple radio​ shows over the years. He currently hosts an A/C show syndicated in over 160 markets across the country. He has a variety of voices and excels at audio​ production & radio imaging.  His smooth delivery and baratone voice are great for voice overs.

Cha Cha

Radio Legend/Voice Over Artist

Known to thousands as the “Hispanic in a Panic” Cha Cha is a well seasoned radio vet

that captures the hearts of everyone she touches. From vinyl and the days of cutting

tape all the way to digital radio, Cha Cha has seen it all. She has programmed multiple

stations including a Station of the Year in a Top 20 Market. Cha Cha is a very talented

on air personality and spokeswoman. She currently hosts a morning show in Denver. 

Senen "Slim" Rodriguez

Radio Personality/Voice Over Artist

Its Mr. Personality! Senen is responsible for some of the highest radio ratings in

Denver and San Francisco history. His natural delivery and hilarious banter make him impossible to ignore. He is a ​gifted voice over artist and has worked with some of the

biggest names in the entertainment industry. Senen is a big kid at heart and always

makes time to enjoy the little things. When "Slim" is on, get ready to have a dance


Dj A-Rich

Lead Dj Mixer/Voice Over Artist

Dj A-Rich is an up and coming superstar in the world of radio. A-Rich is a 2 Time winner of a Colorado Broadcasters Award for Best Night Show in a Top 20 Market. He is our lead mixer and spins all over the Mile High City. His high energy and knowledge of music makes

Dj A-Rich a very exciting and entertaining on air personality. His laugh is infectious and he

always throws down the best beats.

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